Live Longer

Assisted living can contribute to a longer and healthier life by providing a supportive environment that promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In assisted living facilities, residents benefit from personalized care plans tailored to their individual health needs, ensuring timely medication management, balanced nutrition, and regular medical check-ups. The structured social activities and community engagement… Continue reading Live Longer

Retiring In Assisted Living

Retiring in assisted living can be an attractive option for many seniors due to various reasons that enhance their quality of life and provide necessary support. Here are some of the key benefits: Considering these factors, assisted living can provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the diverse needs of seniors, promoting independence while offering the… Continue reading Retiring In Assisted Living

Medicare vs Medicaid

One of the many obstacles people face when considering long-term care options is cost. What will you or your loved one need? What will the level of care be? Medicine? Surgery? All of these are important questions to ask when preparations to a long-term care facility are being made. It can be incredibly intimidating to… Continue reading Medicare vs Medicaid

How to Find Affordable Senior Housing & Elder Care in 2023

Finding affordable living options as we age continues to be a pressing issue for many seniors across the country. The number of people aging is rapidly increasing while housing options fall further and further behind. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope to be had. With a little bit of time, research, and planning you can… Continue reading How to Find Affordable Senior Housing & Elder Care in 2023

Is Assisted Living Or A Nursing Home The Right Choice?

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, deciding which long-term care option is best can be a difficult and daunting decision. This stems mostly from the fact that there are an array of options available, each with its own benefits. The one thing you need to remember when considering long-term care is figuring out… Continue reading Is Assisted Living Or A Nursing Home The Right Choice?

Independent Living For Seniors

Independent living is a term that many of us hear from time to time but do not completely understand what it means or entails. When we hear the phrase it’s often linked to negative feelings and emotions because of how “retirement homes” are presented in the media. We usually think of pea soup and scratchy… Continue reading Independent Living For Seniors

How Do We Foster A Sense Of Community?

When transitioning into a residential assisted living community, it can be challenging to find a sense of belonging in a new environment. Surrounded by new faces and new feelings can be overwhelming and somewhat uncomfortable for our residents. Making the unfamiliar, familiar is not an uncommon experience to go through when it comes to moving… Continue reading How Do We Foster A Sense Of Community?

Tips For Transitioning To Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living facility can be an intimidating and consuming experience at first. With so many options to explore and factors to consider, it can feel as though making the right decision is nearly impossible.  We understand these feelings that our residents and their families sometimes encounter. That is why we have created… Continue reading Tips For Transitioning To Assisted Living

What Does 24-hour Assistance Include?

When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility for your senior, one of the deciding factors include the types of services they can provide. This of course all depends on the level of care a person needs and also affordability.  Nevertheless, Bay Vista Assisted Living offers a wide variety of services to meet the… Continue reading What Does 24-hour Assistance Include?

What Is Independent Living?

Life after 55 might feel like it’s slowing down and sometimes you might wonder, “what comes next?” It’s not often discussed how we continue to go on about our daily routines after we reach our senior years. When the topic does finally come up, it’s likely due to the fact that you or someone in… Continue reading What Is Independent Living?