What Does 24-hour Assistance Include?

When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility for your senior, one of the deciding factors include the types of services they can provide. This of course all depends on the level of care a person needs and also affordability. 

Nevertheless, Bay Vista Assisted Living offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs of every resident in a cost-effective way. We value our seniors and we understand that each is unique and requires the best care in Long Beach, NY. We know that when scouting different facilities it can become incredibly overwhelming with the different services, costs, and amenities. To help ease those worries, we have outlined a brief description of the services we offer and what exactly we mean when we say 24-hour care. 

Senior Home Care Services

The burning question each family has when visiting our facility is: what do you offer. Plainly, we offer a variety of therapeutic, housekeeping, and personal assistance services. Our therapy services include physical, occupational, and speech as well as memory care. We understand that some seniors are able to fully function on their own, however, some suffer from progressional memory deterioration diseases like Alzhemiers. This means that they require a higher level of care than others. Rather than having to find a new facility for them to go to, we house our own memory care facility for the convenience of our residents and their families.

We offer routine housekeeping and laundry services. Our personal care assistance includes help with grooming, bathing, getting dressed, managing their medications, and other services.

Bay Vista Assisted Living: Beyond Senior Care

What makes Bay Vista Assisted Living different is that we offer more than just basic services. We pride ourselves on making sure our residents feel a sense of community and belonging while in our care. It’s of utmost importance to our staff, nurses, and physicians that every senior feels as close to home as possible. 


We understand that the transitional period from living at home to an assisted living facility can present many challenges to our residents. It’s normal if they feel some level of homesickness and longing to be back to their “normal.” This is why our home care nursing staff ensures to provide every senior with the best care and encourages them to engage with others so they can grow their own community. It brings comfort to our residents when they are surrounded by people who might feel the same as they do, and through this they can build strong relationships with other seniors and staff. 

Events and Activities 

One of the additional senior home care services we provide are hosting events and activities to exercise the mind and body. Whether it’s exploring a new hobby or simply getting some fresh air, Bay Vista Assisted Living provides every opportunity for our residents to grow and be creative. 

These activities are not only good for the individual, but also for the community as well. As each event and activity sparks a chance for new friendships to grow. We encourage our residents to participate as much as they can to create those strong connections with those around them. We even host events where families can come and visit their loved ones, allowing our residents the time they need to reconnect. 

24-Hour Assistance: The Bay Vista Difference

24-hour assistance at our facility means that our home care nursing staff are constantly working around the clock to deliver the best care to your loved ones. Whether it’s taking them to and from their appointments, assisting them with daily activities, or just joining them on a daily walk the Bay Vista Assisted Living staff are there every step of the way. You can find reassurance in knowing that your loved one is constantly in good hands. 

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