What Is Independent Living?

Life after 55 might feel like it’s slowing down and sometimes you might wonder, “what comes next?” It’s not often discussed how we continue to go on about our daily routines after we reach our senior years. When the topic does finally come up, it’s likely due to the fact that you or someone in your family is about to reach that stage in their life. It can feel sudden or as though there is little preparation for such a daunting change. 

There are many questions that can race through one’s mind and those same questions can become overwhelming. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. At Bay Vista Assisted Living in Long Beach, NY we offer an array of resources to ensure that you have access to all of the information you need when making a decision to transition to our facility. 

Independent Living And Its Types

What is independent living? Rather than one specific place, independent living refers to the vast majority of facilities that offer amenities, housing, and social gatherings for seniors or people over the age of 55. They are for those who want to retain their independence while gaining a stronger sense of community with assistance in performing daily activities. Those activities may include eating, dressing, and personal hygiene.

Regardless, independent living seniors in these facilities have little mobility issues and do not suffer from any serious medical conditions. The levels of mobility and the severity of an illness can serve as determining factors as to who qualifies for these facilities. Independent living isn’t as simple as a retirement home and there are more than one type. 

Retirement Communities and Continuing Care Senior Housing Communities

When people think of living after 55, they are often picturing a retirement home. By definition, a retirement community has apartments or homes that people can sometimes lease with additional amenities like a pool. However, these options can become costly as amenities and maintenance can add up to $1,500. All of these costs help fund and support the community as a whole. 

Not often discussed are continuing care senior housing communities (CCSHC). These are a little more involved than retirement communities. In addition to independent living, there’s assisted living, in-home care, skilled-nursing home and memory care. The difference between these facilities and retirement communities is the exclusive access to prompt medical care if needed. Also, residents can stay within the same community even if there are changes in their need for medical care. 

What You Should Look For in an Independent Living Community

There are many things one should consider when transitioning into independent living. Firstly, assess your seniors level of care. Some facilities require a referral or test from a medical professional, while others can perform independent assessments. This will allow them to not only determine how much care to provide your senior, but also if they will be the best option for them and the family. Each senior is unique and at Bay Vista we ensure that each treatment plan is specifically designed to meet their needs. 

Something else to consider is if the facility has an onsite or at-home medical staff (for those without private medical assistance). At the very least families should make sure there are overnight caregivers. Independent living seniors might still need assistance, even at night and it’s always the best to be safe. Staff qualifications can be a pressing concern for many and while general staff may not be required to have any formal training, nurses and physicians have specific qualifications that you can inquire about. 

The Difference at Bay Vista Assisted Living 

At Bay Vista we prioritize our residents’ care and being transparent with their families. We believe in thorough and effective communication between all parties involved to ensure their loved ones receive the best care.

We offer a variety of services and amenities, such as activity and therapy services. We value our residents and make sure each day is fulfilling and engaging. To see if Bay Vista Assisted Living is the right choice for your family, give us a call or visit our website to explore our services, amenities, and view a virtual tour.


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