Tips For Transitioning To Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living facility can be an intimidating and consuming experience at first. With so many options to explore and factors to consider, it can feel as though making the right decision is nearly impossible. 

We understand these feelings that our residents and their families sometimes encounter. That is why we have created a small checklist of things they should consider when transitioning into assisted living. It is important to note that this list is not all encompassing and some steps might not apply to every family. However, we have provided this information in hopes that it will be a small resource to those who are searching for assisted living options. We also hope that it can serve as a guide to know what questions to ask yourselves and what to think about when you start creating a list of potential options.  

Residential Assisted Living: Choosing The Right Community

One of the first questions to come to mind when thinking about an assisted living facility is, “how will I choose the right one?” Truthfully, there is no single correct answer to that question. Every family is unique and so that answer will not be identical. However, there are some basic questions you can ask yourself. The key to choosing the right facility is determining what your loved ones needs are and which facility can meet those needs best. 

Cost, Amenities, Services, and Care

At Bay Vista we understand that every family is highly unique. When considering our facility, it’s best to think about the level of care your loved one needs and whether or not we can accommodate those needs in a way that meets your standards. We pride ourselves as being the best assisted living facility in Long Beach, NY as we offer a wide variety of services and amenities. 

We offer occupational, physical, and speech therapies as well as memory care services. There is 24-hour supervision within our building so you can trust that your loved one is always being watched over with careful and considerate eyes. 

Bay Vista also values our residents’ personal growth and we understand that for some the transition can be socially difficult. That is why we strive to create a strong sense of community for our seniors between staff and even other residents. We host a number of activities to promote regular healthy social engagement as well as outings. Our highly skilled staff are equipped to not only provide the finest level of care in the physical sense, but also promote social engagement in the gentlest way as each resident transitions to our facility. 

We understand that not every resident and their families require the same level of care, which is why we offer numerous services and ways to cover the cost of those services. 

Tips to Make Transitioning Easier

The transitional period is not going to be easy for some families but there are many things you can do to make it a little easier. 

The first thing families can do is visit often. Many of our residents can feel lonely in their new space and sometimes that can have an affect on their care. They may not want to engage as much or participate in certain activities. For the first few weeks, it might make them feel less uneasy if they see a familiar face and so families should visit as often as they can. If there is more than one family member that is able and willing to visit, take turns. This will not only promote more social interaction with different people, but also lessen the chance of your senior feeling as if they are burdening someone. We of course know this isn’t true but with different people it might make them feel that they are important to more people than they may have thought. 

The second thing families can do when their senior is transitioning into residential assisted living, is bringing home with them. In other words, bring something from your loved ones home that you can set up in their room that will remind them of home. This will make their new space seem less unfamiliar and might even offer a certain level of comfort. 

Finally, get involved in their new lives. Set up their room, talk to their neighbors, get familiar with the staff and attend as many activities as possible (where allowed). It’s important to make sure your loved one feels as though their life doesn’t cease or become less interesting when coming to assisted living. Being involved in as much as you can in their life will serve as a great connection in your senior between the life they used to live and the new one they are starting. 

Bay Vista Assisted Living: Caring and Connecting

At Bay Vista we pride ourselves on being more than another long-term care option for families. We value the importance of making our facility an assisted living home. We go beyond for our residents and their families because we know they deserve nothing but the best possible care and the finest services. 

For more information on our facility, visit our website or give us a call to see if Bay Vista Assisted Living is right for you!


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