How Do We Foster A Sense Of Community?

When transitioning into a residential assisted living community, it can be challenging to find a sense of belonging in a new environment. Surrounded by new faces and new feelings can be overwhelming and somewhat uncomfortable for our residents. Making the unfamiliar, familiar is not an uncommon experience to go through when it comes to moving into an assisted living facility. 

We at Bay Vista Assisted Living recognize this feeling many of our residents come to terms with. In an effort to make them feel as at home as possible, our staff strives to make our facility welcoming and comforting through activities and the care they provide. We believe that care doesn’t stop at just physical services, but also through community building and connections.  

Assisted Living Community At Bay Vista

On the surface, assisted living is a transitional phase that some of us will experience at some point in our lives. Whether it’s us ourselves or someone we know, independent living beyond 65 years of age is a question many of us will have to face. What isn’t often discussed, however, is the feelings we have to deal with within that transitional period.

Addressing those feelings is something our staff prioritizes. Even though it’s not often discussed, it doesn’t mean it is of little importance to us. We are a 40-bed residence program in Long Beach, NY that believes community is a vital step in the level of care we provide. It is part of our seniors’ healing process. We meet our residents where they are currently and mold our care into whatever they need, regardless of how often that care changes. 

Bay Vista Assisted Living provides a number of services to help support this promise to our residents. Through our amenities and therapy services there are many levels of care we can provide and make unique for each person. Our staff strives to make our facility an assisted living home and not just a place. 

Creating Community Through Services and Amenities

At Bay Vista we pride ourselves on creating an environment that isn’t just safe but also healing and positive for our residents. We do so by providing the finest and most diverse care, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy services as well as memory care. 

Although it is unique to the assisted living world, memory care is not unique to Bay Vista as it is a program we offer within our facility. Traditionally, memory care services are offered outside of assisted living programs, meaning sometimes families have to go elsewhere. But at Bay Vista we understand that our residents’ level of care can change and offering memory care programs is a way in which we have chosen to adapt to those changes. 

This is a way we grow a sense of community with our seniors’ and their families. Being willing and able to mold ourselves and services to meet the needs of those we serve is our greatest asset. Residential assisted living communities become more than a place within our facility, but rather a home. 

Growing Together: The Bay Vista Difference

There are roughly 35,000 people currently residing in Long Beach, NY. Therefore, we know that families have a variety of options to consider when researching assisted living facilities. But at Bay Vista we are more than a facility, we are an assisted living community. We are more than just another long-term care option. We offer therapy and care services unique and highly individualized  to each resident. 

An assisted living community is about allowing people to create new connections and experiences to grow and thrive in. Our promise to each of our 40 residents is this: we will make every day engaging and purposeful. It can be difficult to adjust to a new routine and environment. Yet our licensed and highly trained staff is equipped to provide the perfect balance of care and support to each resident as they start their new journey. 

Assisted living at Bay Vista can be a home to those who need it. To discover additional services and amenities, visit our website or give us a call today!


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