Independent Living For Seniors

Independent living is a term that many of us hear from time to time but do not completely understand what it means or entails. When we hear the phrase it’s often linked to negative feelings and emotions because of how “retirement homes” are presented in the media. We usually think of pea soup and scratchy towels. However, independent living is actually a broader term used to describe very specific places in which seniors can live, each unique. 

Because of this gloomy lens we sometimes look at independent living thorough, we can find ourselves putting off planning for this momentous change in our lives. When that happens, it can be overwhelming with all of the things to consider beyond just finding a facility that is right for you or your loved one. 

Thankfully, there are a vast number of options to explore when considering an independent living facility and even more ways in which you can make these facilities and their services unique to you. At Bay Vista Assisted Living we pride ourselves on molding who we are to what our residents need. Whether it’s assistance with daily life activities, transportation, or even therapy services we make sure to offer as much care with the best staff in Long Beach, NY. 

Independent Living For Seniors vs. Assisted Living for Seniors

So what is independent living and how is it different from a retirement home?

Well the main difference between the two is the level of care residents need. Typically, those who live in assisted living facilities have little to no major health concerns but need a bit of help performing daily activities such as eating, bathing or dressing. These locations also offer 24-hour care and on-call staff for constant support with any residents’ concerns. 

Independent living is similar to assisted living, however, seniors can move freely on their own but would like a sense of community and do not need to upkeep their residential area. These facilities also rarely offer medical care or nursing staff.  

Independent Living vs Nursing Home

Independent living is not a nursing home. As previously discussed, the main difference is going to be the level of care provided. Nursing homes offer high levels of care, meaning they are equipped with the proper measures of skilled nursing to meet the needs of their residents. Seniors in these facilities often suffer from chronic medical conditions and require constant supervision and medical attention. 

Independent living is for those that are considered to be mostly healthy and free moving. These locations offer apartment-style living or just freestanding homes. There are amenities offered such as a fitness center, gardens, and on site beauty salons or barbers. Think about these facilities as everything a senior already has access to, but just in a more functional way and with other people their age. 

Transitioning to Assisted Living Homes

One of the most common myths about moving into an assisted living facility is the idea that you will lose your independence. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Maintaining your independence is of top priority at Bay Vista Assisted Living. It’s a goal we try to reach every day with our seniors through social activities and therapy services, teaching them how they can still live on their own in a new environment. 

We understand that this change can bring about feelings of sadness and confusion, anxiety and stress. But it’s important to note that these emotions are natural and there are things you can do to help ease the transition into an assisted living home. 

The first thing you can do is personalize your space. Bring things from your home that offer you comfort and can make your new home feel more like your old one. Whether it’s pictures, a chair, or a blanket it’s all things that can help ease the stresses of moving into a new space. 

Another thing you can do is prepare in advance. Know what things to bring and when you take a tour of your new home, socialize. Talk to the residents and get to know the people you’ll be around the most. Making these connections are vital because it can help make the final transition feel less new. Assisted living homes are designed to feel familiar in the unfamiliar through amenities and housing arrangements. The focus is on our residents and how we can help them maintain their independence. 

Is Independent Living Right For You?

Let’s say you’re considering moving into an independent living facility or an assisted living home. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide which is right for you. 

What Is Your Level Of Care?

Think about your daily life routine. What does it consist of? Do you find yourself tired after doing a certain activity? How much time does it take you to perform a normal task? Is there any activity that would be easier to perform if you had help? Do you find yourself longing for more social interaction? If you need a little more help with your daily routine, an assisted living facility might be the best option. 

Size and Location

If socializing is of importance to you, then you might be more comfortable choosing a location that has more residents and therefore more opportunities to interact with other seniors. The location of the facility is also vital in that some people choose to opt for those in warmer states or states near the ocean while others may consider factors like the distance from family members.

Bay Vista Assisted Living, The Best Choice For You And Your Senior

Assisted living for seniors is more than just a place where people over the age of 55 go to commune and congregate. Bay Vista Assisted Living offers the best care in Long Beach, NY and we don’t just mean by medical standards. Life doesn’t stop or cease to excite our patients. We perpetuate an environment that is fun, positive, and evolving through our amenities and staff. Our care is pristine and our facility is immaculate, encouraging our seniors to continue to grow and explore the world around them. In our facility, you continue to thrive and discover. And that is the Bay Vista difference. 

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