How to Find Affordable Senior Housing & Elder Care in 2023

Finding affordable living options as we age continues to be a pressing issue for many seniors across the country. The number of people aging is rapidly increasing while housing options fall further and further behind. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope to be had. With a little bit of time, research, and planning you can find any solution to whatever housing issue you’re facing. 

There is heavy emphasis on the research aspect of this journey. In order to make a decision on what living after 65 looks like, you must understand all of the options available to you. It’s also important to note that the answers you find will not look the same for everyone. Each state has their own policies and requirements set in place for those seeking affordable senior housing. Therefore relying on information not specific to your location will not serve you best. 

Below we will discuss a few of the options available to you, including assisted living programs, in hopes that it will aid in your research. 

Affordable Independent Living For Seniors

We understand that affordability, in terms of senior housing, looks different for every person and has different meanings. For the purposes of this article, we will define affordability as housing low or fixed income seniors can afford. There are many options to choose from that can meet your budget needs. 

What Are The Options?

The first option would be to find low-income apartments or condos. These places exclusively assist seniors with homes that they can afford. Your rent is assessed based upon your adjusted gross income, usually below 30%. Since these places cater to seniors, the benefits are fitting to the tenants. Meaning they’ll be more accessible with elevators and shower bars. They also have age eligibility requirements that will allow you to be surrounded by people of the same age. 

Another option are HUD (the department of housing and urban development) housing programs. The first is called Sections 8 housing vouchers. In order to afford rent, seniors can apply for housing choice payment vouchers through local public housing agencies. You must have your own housing though and the owner/landlord must agree to rent under the program. The second HUD program is Section 202 supportive housing for the elderly. These properties are funded by the HUD and ideally for seniors who are able to live independently although they do offer services like transportation and cleaning. The government will subsidize your rent and you will owe about 30 percent of your adjusted income. There are a few additional requirements that one must meet before qualifying for section 202. 

Cooperative housing for seniors is where a company owns buildings/land that are then leased. You must purchase a share within the company and pay a monthly fee. In return, seniors not only have homes for independent living but they also share common spaces. Once you move out, you can sell your share back to the company and receive the cost and any equity acquired. 

Affordable Housing And Assisted Living

Assisted living is a great option for seniors and families who are seeking ways to live dependently independent. Bay Vista Assisted Living provides our residents with the best care and services in New York. We pride ourselves on evolving our programs and treatments to meet the ever changing needs of our residents. Our goal is to ensure every day for our seniors is engaging and purposeful. We believe that senior care and support should be met with balance. 

At Bay Vista we offer a plethora of services and amenities that our seniors thoroughly enjoy, making each day new and exciting. Some seniors like to read in the gardens while others enjoy more physical activities like walking on the boardwalk in Long Island. No matter what there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Assisted living is another affordable independent living option for seniors. On a national average they are cheaper than nursing homes because of the level of care provided. Earlier it was stated that assisted living is great for those seeking to be dependently independent. This means that residents within these facilities tend to be in fairly good health. They might struggle a bit with daily activities like eating and bathing however, which makes them dependent on places to live. Qualifying seniors can choose to use medicare or medicaid to help pay for the cost of independent living facilities, yet they each have their own set of strict requirements.

Senior Housing: Bay Vista Assisted Living 

There are many ways seniors can live in affordable housing. Whether it’s through cooperative housing, one of the HUD programs, or even low-income apartments seniors can find places to live comfortably. These communities also offer great social interaction by living among other seniors. Although we briefly discussed just a few of the options, there are plenty more to be explored. 

Assisted living facilities can also be considered as homes for independent living because seniors are able to continue to live independently while in the care of safe supervision. Our staff strive to ensure a healthy environment for residents and we work diligently with families to find the right treatment plans that meet their budget. These are just a few things that are the driving force at Bay Vista Assisted Living. For further information about who we are and the services we offer, please visit our website


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