Physical Therapy for the Elderly in Assisted Living

Staying healthy involves more than just a routine health checkup every year. Maintaining good physical and mental health means actively taking care of your needs and regularly participating in preventative measures that improve your well-being. While this is important to do at all ages, taking care of your health as you age is vital. Physical therapy (PT) is something that medical professionals recommend for adults 65 and older to keep their strength and mobility up to par. Many assisted living facilities, including the team at Bay Vista Assisted Living, offer this service as a part of the resident experience. Keep reading to learn more about physical therapy in assisted living. 

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is the process of evaluating and treating problems with mobility, stability, or other problems with balance and coordination. It helps people strengthen muscles, increase endurance, and prevent future injuries. A physical therapist is someone with an advanced degree and real-life clinical training.

How can physical therapy benefit older adults? 

While there are many types of and uses for PT, older adults can get significant benefits from using it. Health problems that impact mobility, like a stroke, osteoarthritis, or chronic pain, are all indicators that PT could help strengthen what the conditions have weakened. There are some cases where PT is necessary, such as after an injury or if someone is rehabilitating from surgery or another medical procedure. No matter whether you or your loved one is getting short-term or long-term PT, the services can be beneficial to their recovery or overall health.

Exercises in PT are based on the five key aspects of fitness, according to the National Council on Aging. They are: flexibility, strength, endurance, posture, and balance. For seniors specifically, each of these key aspects plays a role in how they are able to function. The more impaired they are in a category, the more assistance they may need.

What does physical therapy look like for the elderly? 

Physical therapists often visit residents in an assisted living facility on a regular basis and make individual appointments with them. Not only does this increase access to quality healthcare, but it also allows older adults to get the care they need without further risking injury or bodily harm. Overall, therapists work with seniors to help reduce their pain and other effects of any condition they might have, along with preventing future injury or surgery.

At Bay Vista Assisted Living, we offer physical therapy services in the Long Beach, NY location – making it easy for your loved one to get care in the comfort of their own residence. No more back and forth trips for PT; it’s all located in-house! To learn more about our other amenities and personal care assistance services or to schedule a tour with us, contact us today!


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