10 Tips to Create a Smooth Transition to Assisted Living

Ultimately, many families are faced with the tough decision of moving their loved ones to an assisted living facility. Whether your loved one is moving because of health issues or convenience, the stress of giving up their home can be overwhelming for them. While completely eliminating the anxiety that comes with moving is difficult, there are ways to make it easier for older adults and their loved ones.

Staying Prepared for a Move 

After decades of working with people in the Long Beach community, we’ve developed a list of the 10 most helpful tips to create a smooth transition to an assisted living facility (ALF) near you. 

  1. Tour the facility before move-in day. To make sure your loved one is comfortable with their living area, set up a tour for them to explore the space and facility before move-in day. This can significantly reduce anxiety around moving. 
  2. Hire help if you need it. Packing, organizing, and transporting items are big jobs for anyone, much less someone who may struggle with mobility. Hiring professional movers or packers can take a large amount of stress off your shoulders during the move. 
  3. Keep all important documents in an easily accessible place. It’s very easy for things to get lost during a move. Keep all information like a social security card, birth certificate, health records, and banking information in a secure place that stays with you at all times. 
  4. Have all finances agreed upon and written down. Before you move a loved one into an ALF, you need to have all financial matters arranged. This way, there won’t be any surprises on the day of move-in. Because all moving expenses are tax deductible, it’s also a good idea to make a list of everything you have to purchase or services you hire to assist you. 
  5. Only bring the necessities. Often, moving can be overwhelming for older adults who intend on bringing most of their items with them. Because many ALFs do not have as much space as a traditional home or apartment, it’s vital to not overpack. Encourage your loved one to decide what is most important to them to keep, storing or giving away items to friends or family that aren’t used on a regular basis. 
  6. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the moving process. Part of keeping the transition to an ALF smooth includes watching your attitude. If you are stressed, overwhelmed, irritated, or apprehensive about anything, chances are your loved one will be too. Try to stay excited and motivate them that the change is a good thing. 
  7. Allow them to grieve during the move. It’s normal for seniors to feel sad as they transition to an ALF. They may have lived in their home for many years, so leaving could feel like they are losing a part of themselves. Give them space to grieve this loss and to get used to their new environment. 
  8. Decorate, decorate, decorate! Personalize your loved one’s space to make it feel more like home by including their favorite things, pictures of family and friends, and more. The more familiar a space is to them, the more comfortable they will be. 
  9. Make regular visits after move-in day. After your loved one is all moved in, making regular visits can help with the transition and make them feel like they’re not alone. If you can’t regularly visit, calling, texting, or video chatting is a great way to stay connected. 
  10. Stick to a schedule. As your loved one adjusts to their new environment, help them maintain a regular schedule by doing things like getting involved with different activities and setting a designated meal time. This can help them have structure, making the transition easier and less unpredictable. 

Ready to Move?

If you’re looking for a Long Beach assisted living facility, Bay Vista Assisted Living would love to work with you. We take great care to make sure that the transition to an assisted living facility is a smooth one, rather than a stressful one. Contact us today to learn more about our accommodations.


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