At-Home Care Vs Assisted Living: Which is Better?

One of the common questions people have when considering long-term care options for their loved ones is whether or not they should choose at-home care or an assisted living program. There are many factors to consider and truthfully it comes down to each individual family. There is not a one size fits all answer. However, Bay Vista Assisted Living in Long Beach, NY offers a variety of plans, services, and amenities that might make an assisted living program the perfect option for you. 

The Difference between At-Home and Assisted Living Programs

At-home care and assisted living programs might sound similar in theory but are actually very different. Understanding the difference between the two is essential in determining which option is best for your family.

At-home care is when a caregiver is hired outside of the home and works a certain number of hours per week at a certain rate to take care of a senior in need. They can provide partial or full-time care and calculating how much care is needed is determined by the family. At-home care can also be provided by a family member instead of hiring a private caregiver. 

An assisted living facility is a caregiving program for seniors in need where they can live independently away from home. There is a full-time staff to ensure the safety and health of your loved one. They get to socialize with other seniors and can participate in bonding activities and take trips to the grocery store, park, or library while all being under the supervision of a staff member. 

There are many more benefits to assisted living, each of which will be explained to ensure you get the full picture before deciding which long-term care option is best for you. 

Benefits of At-Home Care for Seniors

There are many reasons why at-home care might serve as a good long-term care option for a family. Your elder gets to remain within their own home and in turn you may feel a sense of relief knowing they feel comfortable in their familiar space. They also get one-on-one care specifically tailored to them and the fear of being overlooked is eliminated. In the same sense, the senior gets to develop a uniquely personal relationship with their caregiver rather than being looked after by many different people. This allows them to connect better with whomever is looking after them which may have a positive impact on their life.

Another benefit of at-home care services is that the level of care can be extremely flexible depending on what your elder needs. If they don’t require 24 hour supervision, then this option may be cheaper and easier for the family and senior. 

Drawbacks of At-Home Care

On the surface, at-home care might seem like the cheaper option compared to an assisted living facility. You can save money by staying at home and if 24 hour care isn’t needed then it’s even cheaper. However, at home-care requires a higher level of responsibility from family members that would otherwise be erased with assisted living. 

First, what you’d save with residing in the home you’d spend on covering groceries, personal care, and housekeeping costs. These factors might not be included when hiring a private caregiver and so in order to make sure those needs are met, additional support is required from either another outside source or a family member. 

Additionally, your senior might face social isolation and that could have a negative cognitive impact. If your loved one does in fact require 24 hour supervision then at-home care services might cost more than an assisted living program. 

All of these components are what make deciding between long-term care options complex and unique to each individual family. When considering at-home care, finances are not the only detail that needs to be considered especially when it requires ongoing family involvement from every aspect. 

Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living is a great option for those families who are looking to provide their elder with the best care while still allowing them to live independently. For those that need 24 hour care this is generally not only the best but also the cheapest option. The pressures family members face with at-home care are lifted with an assisted living program. Scheduling, hiring, and managing caregivers is an example of those pressures that are alleviated. 

Seniors also have more social interactions from other seniors as well as staff members. Amenities are provided that can promote this social interaction, such as internet access, a library, and gardens. With this option of long-term care there is always someone tending to your senior and their needs. This allows family members to focus more on the relationship with their loved one and not just the logistics of their care. 

If you are considering this option, you can find an assisted living facility near you to tour and determine if it’s the best fit.

Bay Vista: Beyond Assisted Living 

When researching assisted living facilities you want to make sure you’re choosing the best for your senior. Bay Vista Assisted Living offers the best care in the New York area with plenty of activities and services to ensure they live happily and independently. For further information and to find an assisted living location near you, please visit our website.


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