Maintaining Independence in Assisted Living

Are you or a loved one experiencing physical or cognitive health challenges that are making it harder to live on your own? Do you feel like extra assistance would help you with daily activities? 

If so, you or your loved one may benefit from assisted living care. However, this transition can be a tough one – especially if a person has been living on their own for the majority of their life. If you’re worried about maintaining independence after the transition, don’t be! At Bay Vista Assisted Living, we prioritize making sure that all our residents feel in charge of their care and their lives. Keep reading to learn more about how to maintain independence in an assisted living facility. 

Why Independence is Important 

Being independent can make a world of difference in an older adult’s quality of life. Many people that make the transition from living on their own to living in an assisted living facility can feel lonely or isolated. Because of this, having independence and self-determination means that a person has the ability to make decisions about their life without pressure or coercion. In the case of many seniors, being self-determinant increases a person’s motivation to be more active in their own care and to speak up if there is a problem with their care plan. 

Tips for Maintaining Independence 

Having a conversation about independence is the first thing that should be done when an older adult is moving to an assisted living facility. All their care needs and preferences should be listed in an accessible document and reviewed on a regular basis. In addition to this, the necessary legal documentation, like a living will, should be completed and on file with their place of residence in the event that a person begins to develop memory problems or is no longer competent. 

Here are some other tips for maintaining independence: 

  • Stay active. Even though some seniors may have physical ailments that make mobility a challenge, there are plenty of ways for them to stay active. Not only does this help improve their health, but it also makes them stronger – decreasing their dependability on care staff for assistance with daily personal care activities. 
  • Get involved with group activities. The best way to prevent isolation is to be around other people. When residents can participate in activities like exercise classes, movie nights, or even gathering for meals, it can help them feel like they are able to go as they please – ultimately increasing their level of independence. 
  • Monitor mental health. Older adults have a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. If they feel lonely, this increases the risk even further. Ensuring that seniors feel comfortable talking about their mental health and that they have a strong support system can help prevent problems in a residential setting. 

Where can I find a personal care residential program that values independence?

Personal care residential programs offer older adults the chance to remain independent, but get the assistance they need to age successfully. If you’re looking for assisted living in Long Beach, NY, we would love to talk with you. As one of the leading care facilities for seniors in the area, we offer many amenities that will make you or your loved one feel at home.


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