What are the Benefits of Assisted Living?

For many older adults, making the transition into an assisted living facility is one they may not look forward to making. However, sometimes the change is necessary – especially if you or a loved one is struggling with memory problems, having trouble with their physical health, or simply needing more support than they have in the past. Although it is a significant adjustment for many older adults, the benefits of assisted living are numerous. Here are three of the most important benefits you and your loved one need to know about. 

Provide a Sense of Community 

Social isolation is one of the leading causes of loneliness in older adults, putting them at risk for other mental and physical health conditions. There is a 50% increased risk for dementia or other cognitive impairments for older adults who are socially isolated. Transitioning into an assisted living facility allows older adults to be around other people they have things in common with, providing them with a sense of community they may not otherwise have. Many seniors genuinely enjoy the camaraderie they get in a residential setting, as it allows them to live a fulfilled and enriched life as they age. Residents enjoy classes, shared meals, and more at Bay Vista Assisted Living. 

Assistance in Case of an Emergency 

One of the primary purposes of an assisted living facility is to give older adults access to assistance with daily activities or in case of an emergency. As people age, they are more likely to be at risk for falling – which could lead to significant injuries like hip fractures or other broken bones. In 2019, over 3 million people visited an emergency room across the U.S. for fall-related injuries. Providing a safe environment for our residents is one of our top priorities and is something we incorporate into all our care plans. 

Access to Personalized, Compassionate Care 

A common myth about community-based settings for seniors is that there is a lack of compassionate care. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Providing a supportive, caring, and family-friendly environment for older adults to age gracefully is the foundation of many assisted living facilities, including Bay Vista. 

In addition to being compassionate, personalized care plans help increase stability for both residents and staff. Because we understand that each of our residents is unique, we develop our plans to accommodate individual preferences and needs. 

Therapy Services in Long Beach, NY 

Bay Vista Assisted Living is a senior care facility that offers a variety of amenities to older adults in Long Beach, NY, and the surrounding areas. One of these services includes therapy services that can help seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle without leaving the comfort of their new home. Our facilities’ caring and dependable staff promote independence by treating residents with respect and dignity while ensuring they have the assistance they need to age in place. 

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