Why You Should Retire in Long Beach, NY

Think about the place you’ve always wanted to settle down in. What does it look like? Is there a lot of sun? Snow? Rain? Is your family close by? Are there a lot of people in your town? Is it a city or a place with a few streetlights?

We have all thought about where we’d like to retire in our late ages. There’s an emphasis on picking the perfect spot which looks different for all of us. For some, it’s close to family and friends. For others, it’s wherever you feel the most at peace. Regardless, retirement is an important stage of life that often many don’t plan until it’s that time. 

Bay Vista Assisted Living is located in the best place for retirement, Long Beach, NY. Here there are many sights to see and things to do. Years will pass and you’ll feel like you have never quite seen everything Long Beach has to offer. 

Long Beach Boardwalk and Earth Arts

The Long Beach Boardwalk is one of the most popular and memorable places to visit. The site covers 2.2 miles of the beach and you can easily spend an entire day there. You can stop along the way and visit the shops that catch your eye. Due to its popularity and that it’s outdoors, the boardwalk is one of the most frequent places our residents visit. Soaking in the sun and social engagement is always a joy for our residents. 

Earth Arts is a studio which holds workshops for people of all ages to come and be creative. It’s an activity that stimulates social interaction in a free and fun environment. Our staff can routinely schedule outings here, as our residents thoroughly enjoy exploring their creative sides. Earth Arts is a great place to create something beautiful and have fun while doing it. 

Historical Landmarks

The Long Beach Historical Museum is another site the area offers that makes Long Beach, NY a great place to retire. The museum serves as the Long Beach Historical & Preservation Society’s headquarters and archive. It hosts events that show off the history of Long Beach and how much it has changed over the years. 

As one of the eleven original houses built in Long Beach, Pauline Felix has become one of the city’s most popular historical landmarks. Since its renovation in 2000, the house has been added to the Long Beach Ghost Tour. It is believed that the presence of Pauline Felix still lingers within the house, turning faucets on and walking the floors. 

Retiring by The Beach

Earlier the question was raised about what you thought your retirement life looked like. No matter what your answer was, Long Beach, NY can check off every box. There’s plenty of food and activities to participate in. Bay Vista Assisted living has made it a mission to provide our residents with the best care while ensuring they maintain their independence. We believe that our seniors deserve the best care, and oftentimes that means making sure they still enjoy their daily lives. While we do assist with their daily personal routines, we know that life isn’t always a routine. It’s important to still maintain social interaction and participate in different activities, as our residents feel as if it brings them a sense of fulfillment. 
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