What is Assisted Living?

‘Aging gracefully’– referring to cosmetic appearance, is what we often hear when we think about living as an older individual. Yet, what isn’t often discussed is how much our daily lives will be impacted by aging. We tend to not think about life after 65 because it seems so far away. Then when the time comes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the options available to you when considering living arrangements for your senior. 

Thankfully at Bay Vista Assisted Living not only are there a multitude of plans to choose from, but also a wealth of information conveniently located on our website and facilities. One inquiry we frequently hear is what is the difference between assisted living and a retirement community? This, as well as many other questions, are important to ask when considering alternative living options for your senior to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Assisted Living – Aid In Independence

At Bay Vista Assisted Living, we believe in respecting our residents and meeting their needs so that they may continue to live their life fully with just a little bit of help. The main goal of our program is to provide assistance to our residents in an environment that allows them to retain their independence. For some seniors holding onto what they can still do as their body ages is of utmost importance. That is why we value their needs and mold ourselves into the best caregivers in Long Beach. 

Assisted living in general is a private facility that provides aid with daily living activities and is generally for those that require mild to moderate care. Facilities usually have an apartment-like feel and residents can bring personal items to make it feel more like home. Bay Vista Assisted Living offers 24-hour staff to help with medication management, social activities, personal care assistance, and more.  

Benefits of Assisted Living

There are many benefits to assisted living, one of them being an improvement in the quality of life. Many seniors feel a sense of fulfillment in our facility because they get a little help while still feeling like there is much they can still do on their own. Another benefit is peace of mind for both the senior and the family members. The senior doesn’t have to worry about feeling like a burden to the family or worrying about feeling lonely if they live alone. The family members can find comfort in knowing their loved one is receiving the best care and can still perform their own daily activities. 

What an Assisted Living Facility is Not

There are two other levels of care when it comes to living after 65. One is in-home living and the other is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

In-home living is when you hire private assistance if your loved one feels more comfortable staying within their own home rather than moving to an assisted living community. This is best for those who need part-time care and it is usually less expensive than an assisted living facility or a CCRC. The family usually pays for the services, as well as food, personal care items, and housekeeping goods.

A CCRC is for those who require 24-hour care and supervision. This is a facility that has a full-time staff to fully assist with many services that seniors can no longer do on their own. It’s for people who can no longer perform daily activities on their own and it is usually the most expensive.

Bay Vista: Beyond Assisted Living

What is assisted living at Bay Vista? To us, assisted living is more than just providing a helping hand. It’s about respecting our residents, meeting them where they are, and helping them continue to live comfortably while in our care. Life doesn’t completely change at Bay Vista Assisted Living. Our seniors thrive as they continue their journey in an environment that promotes healthy living and building relationships with staff and other residents. Visit our website to find out what services we provide and to schedule your tour today!


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